Tips on how to use the directory


Thank you for choosing to use our Shopping Directory, featuring businesses in the Aegean Islands of Greece (and sometimes the Greek mainland too).  The 5*businesses are recommended for their service and quality AND for their contribution to humanitarian and community efforts on their island.


The directory offers links to the email and website of the business whenever we can. If the outlet has an online booking or shopping option, that will open in a separate window. Please mention the AweSome Aegean Shopping Directory when you make enquiries or bookings.

Cannot find what you need?

  • Try using the “all regions” option to broaden your search
  • Use a more general search combination e.g “Accommodation” and “All Categories” instead of “Apartment” and “Accommodation”

Bulk, specialist or urgent purchases. Post an enquiry on our “sister” FaceBook presence Lesvos-Shopping Locally.


Your introduction is a gift to say “Thank You” to Aegean business owners who have been active in the humanitarian efforts needed over the past five years and more: the hero(ine)s intervening to help refugees coming ashore and those who have been helping their island through the Greek financial crises. Outlets who have made an extra effort to trade fairly and provide a support service for refugees and volunteers arriving get an initial ranking based on what you include in the introduction.

The Directory team will work to expand whatever information you provide. If you have just a business name or contact – or a scan of a business card – we will do our best to include the outlet. The more you include in your introduction, the better the presence we can provide for the business you are introducing.

In “Why you recommend the business”..
Please use only 1 or 2 sentences, explaining the nature of the business and what makes it special.

why you recommend

The “community and refugee support” is an opportunity to describe exactly what this business\its owners\its staff have been doing in helping to build good will and to alleviate misery.
Also gives space to describe the stock\specialities and other aspects of the experience of shopping. And the keywords are good for when people are for example put there keywords in like tent, blankets etc...

introduction business

“Attachments”.. Please use this option to attach files, like Word document, Excel, PDF files with for example a stocklist or what you are selling or similar evidence relating to the humanitarian involvement of the business you are introducing.

“Image to represent your listing” If possible, please include a photograph of the frontage of the business – to help visitors identify it!

Don't forget the "opening hours" if you know them. Very helpful for the volunteers. Especially if shops are open on Sunday!

attachments and files

“Business Location and Contact” If you are unsure of the street address, complete the mandatory Address line with “Unsure Street”

Please make it very clear in which region\district and Island the business is situated. That would be Lesvos, Chios, Athens area etc...

For the mandatory email address. If you do not have this information for the business, complete with
If you are the owner of the business then we need to have the email address for you to be able to manage, add and modify your listing. It is also important that volunteers will be able to contact you by email. 

If you don't have the street address, at least point out on the Google map where the business, hotel etc.. is situated.
But it is equally important to have the business on the Google map, because people are visually orientated and then the business is showed on the overall map on the directory listing.
You can zoom in, as far as possible, to the location and then click on the map to have a marker set up. Or you can fill in the "Latitude" and "Longitude" of the business.
There are websites were you can find this if you have the address:

Google map in directory

The Directory team will endeavour to build on the information you provide and will contact the business you have introduced.


We depend on volunteers, tourists, visitors and colleagues to build up the value of this directory service by adding reviews. This is a short and straightforward process. Just three criteria and a chance to add a short paragraph. As soon as your introduction is listed.. please tell all your friends who have shared your experience of that outlet…


If you are the owner of one of the businesses, you can claim this business by clicking on the 'Claim Business' link on the page that list your business. You will need to registeer with us. So click on 'Don't have an account?' link and fill in the User Registration.

Why would you want to do this?
It would mean that you will be able to change the information on your listing and add/change the Business Details, the Opening hours, add more pictures of your business.

In January we will also introduce an 'Offer' page, so that you can add offers, actions, discounts for a specific time period on your page. You will also be able to manage this information yourself if you registeer with us. This will also be free!


Please be patient once you have listed your business or claimed your business.
We like to check if the information is correct so that no fake accounts can be put on the website, so we check every entry on the website.
This might take 5 mins but also a day as we are all volunteers working on this website. Thank you for your understanding!


Any difficulties in using the directory…. Please contact us. Everyone involved in building and maintaining this resource is a volunteer. We will do our best to respond promptly. Please make allowances for the fact that none of us works full time on this service.

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