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To highlight the businesses which have been supporting humanitarian efforts on the Aegean Islands. Featuring the business owners who have been helping the immigrants arriving and supporting the many volunteers who have joined the relief efforts this year.


  • To endorse the courage and efforts of local Greek businesses who have been involved in voluntary charitable work over the past five years and more, and applaud firms who trade fairly and generously throughout. 
  • To make it easier for tourists and volunteers to buy locally from outlets who have a track record of doing good for the refugees. Both personal purchases and purchases to gift to the relief charities.
  • To help voluntary groups to source and buy locally the supplies they need, both retail and bulk.

Additional Aims:

To help the local Greek economy: To facilitate online shop and drop where possible, so that well wishers overseas can buy online in local shops for collection by the aid groups or pre-purchase locally for self-catering holiday stays. To provide an ongoing resource, emphasising ethical retail and wholesale outlets, beyond the present migration crises.


  • Develop a Shopping Directory Web Site, using Open Source software (Joomla), hosted on an independent server.
    Link with information available on suppliers’ sites, FaceBook groups, and other sources
  • No listing fee or access fee will be asked from suppliers who are included in the directory
  • Shoppers or potential shoppers will not be charged for accessing the directory
  • Suppliers listed and ranked on the recommendation of front line volunteers on the Islands
  • Staffed by Volunteer IT professionals, linguists, liaison contacts who donate their time and expertise
  • Project is run not-for-profit, no member involved gains financially from the project directly or indirectly
  • No party political, campaigning, sectarian or discriminating outlet or organisation will be included
  • No advertising to be accepted to the host site that conflicts with the ethos, aims and methods of the Directory


Magnificent Marina de Wit, web developer extraordinaire.
Owner and managing director of Page Design, the Netherlands. The Powerhouse of this project.. http://pagedesign.nl/

Amazing Chiara Alotta, graphic designer and art director of  'Until Sunday '.
If you want to know more about 'Until Sunday': http://untilsunday.it

Energetic Eva Magkou ( ). Local liaison legend.
English Language teacher at 11th Elementary School of Chalkis.
Studied Italian and English literature in Padua, Italy.
Master's degree in Teaching and Teacher Education at the University of Arizona.

Bustling Berna Parnell (MA(TCD)). Copy provider.


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Aegean shopping listing, made by volunteers for volunteers and local Greek businesses.